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Junk bond yields with investment grade risk


Find out how to earn hundreds of bps with full/over collateralized loans.  Check out our research that goes into the statistics: the math speaks for itself.

Our team has put together a paper that examines the opportunities for cash lending in crypto and what the implications are when utilizing BTC as collateral.

Please take a look and then reach out to learn more.

The Venue has Launched!

Tri-Party Repo (TPR) 

Solves for counterparty risk in a space with no track records or audited financials

Helps market makers, exchanges, and brokers acquire customers by addressing credit risk for borrow, forward, and options transactions

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Market Analysis

Tri-Party Repo; capital-efficient crypto borrow/lend; lower the cost and risk;  peer to peer transactions; patent-pending proprietary risk management protocol; 

Recent Press Release

Digital Gamma Develops Repo Protocol for Cryptocurrency

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Broad Applications

Platform agnostic; Enables a broker market; Spot, forwards and options transactions;

Recent Quote

"Gemini is excited to have Digital Gamma utilizing Gemini ClearingTM and Gemini CustodyTM to efficiently and securely conduct their transactions,” said Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto, former Managing Director of Operations, Gemini. “We value working with innovative companies like Digital Gamma that are building bridges to move the cryptocurrency industry forward.”

Our Vision - Lower TCA & Lower Risk

Digital Gamma developed the Tri‑Party Administration product for cryptocurrency to facilitate the ease of transactions and reduce risk in the borrow market.


TPR improves the current state of the crypto borrow market by implementing a transparent, two-sided escrow and risk management process. By doing so, parties engaging in financing and borrow arrangements are able to convert the credit risk of their counterparties into market risk. Not only is credit risk reduced but counterparties will have reduced margin posting as compared to what they would otherwise be posting at a market maker or lender. 


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